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Who is Sean V. Bradley?

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A native New Yorker, Sean grew up in both Queens and Brooklyn in New York City. The child of a single mother, Sean faced both financial and emotional adversity early on. Despite the “trouble” surrounding him in and around the projects of the Queens New York area and the frequency at which he was “forced” to move around he was able to learn to adjust to new surroundings and circumstance quickly. His “survivor” spirit was integral to his ultimate success. A self made millionaire and owner of NINE companies, Sean’s story is one of transition, perseverance and change..if he CAN so can you!






Sean is the #1 rated trainer/consultant in the ENTIRE automotive Industry. He has been responsible for training and mentoring in excess of 13,000 automotive professionals and 900 dealerships generating 100’s of millions of dollars in profits. Aside from Dealerships, some of Sean's clients include publically traded companies like Truecar, Autobytel, Toyota Manufacturer and billion dollar corporations like Carsdirect.


Not only is Sean an automotive industry savant, he is extremely active as a professional in the speaking industry. He organizes and hosts a semi-annual Internet Sales 20 Group conference as well as appears as a keynote speaker at almost EVERY major Internet Sales industry conference. As a NSA member for over 5 years he's obtained his designation as CSP and is a certified FranklinCovey trainer and facilitator for the "7 habits of Highly Effective People" workshop.